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HOMECOF InspirationS.O.S Kite

S.O.S Kite


We develop and invent is S.O.S. Kite will be consist of Vinyl material kite and light fiberglass being plastic and water proofing package.


There is no such thing. It is a made up term to describe a GPS “chip” so small that it can fit in a currency note and go undetected.

In reality, you can’t use GPS alone to track anything. A GPS receiver can only calculate its position based on GPS signals received from the satellites. The satellites simply broadcast a signal like a FM radio station does. It is technically impossible for the satellites to know the location of the receiver or that a receiver even exists.

So to track anything, you need a communication system that can transmit the location. Usually the cellular network is used for this purpose. Other transmission techniques can be used but then you’ll have to setup receiving stations in all areas you wish to track the device i.e. you’ll have to recreate the something like the cellular network. So unless you have very specific requirements (like tracking large number of devices in a limited area), using a cellular network is your best bet.

There are limits to how small you can push the GPS tracker design. Antenna size is determined by the RF frequency. So even if the semiconductor parts are miniaturized, Antenna cannot be miniaturized without loss of signal quality. A GPS tracker needs at least two antennas, one for GPS and one for the communication system. Additionally, you can’t cram Antennas side by side or very close to electromagnetically noisy parts of the circuit.

If you want the device to be battery powered, you need even more space. A tracker consumes as much power as a modern smartphone. You could make it go to sleep to extend battery life but you still need a decent sized battery.

Practically, a match box sized tracker is achievable - it would have severe limitations on its battery life and/or functionality. You could make it even smaller say half or 1/4th of that if you want to take it up as a challenge / proof of concept. But that won’t be a good size vs functionality tradeoff.

In any case, a nano tracker is not possible unless you simply rewrite the centimeter dimensions in nanometers :)


Your question: “Can a Micro GPS chip be placed in our kite?”

In theory, yes. These are tiny chips, of course and could be sewn into kite.

However, what you can do with it will depend strongly on what other necessary technologies are used with it. You need electrical power, GPS antenna, etc.

The act of placing a GPS device on kite (or even some wearable item) is quite meaningless from rescue operator -tracking perspective unless and until the device has some way of reporting the data.

Plus, the power requirements of any GPS devices (and the associated circuits to transmit that location data) and to listen to the satellites, means that the shirt would have to have some power source (either rechargeable or replaceable batteries).

What if the kite flying more than one kite (hopefully!)? The device needs to be movable from kite to kite, etc.

Overall, all of these issues makes such a product very impractical at the present time.

As alternatives, what people have been trying to do is provide pendants, watches, shoes, backpacks, etc., with trackers built-in. Various startup companies have come up over the years (and gone out of business) to provide such products.

Do a google search for “pet trackers” and “child trackers” and you will see what may be possible today.

Back in 2002, a company called Wherify tried to market a child tracking watch that required a key-fob to unlock the band from the child’s wrist, but it had some interesting limitations and was ultimately not successful.

Small GPS Chip for Kite

Key Specifications/Special Features
Range of receiving frequency: 1575.42±1.023MHz(working frequency)
Demo board center frequency: 1750±4MHz (with 50 x50mm CB)
Inspection frequency: 1582±4MHz (with testfixture)
Bandwidth: 6MHz min (return loss:≤-10dB)
VSWR: 1.5 max (inspection frequency)
Gain at zenith: 2.0 dBi typical
Axial ratio: 3
Polarization: RHCP (Right Hand Circular Polarization)
Impedance: 50Ω
Frequency temperature coefficient (τf): -40 to105°C (0 ± 20ppm/°C)
Operating temperature: -40 to 105°C

Small GPS Antenna Module Chip Output Protocol DIY Receiver Antenna Auto Device

  • Accuracy : <0.5(heading) (50%@30m/s)
  • Time Pulse : 30ns (GPS) , 50ns (GLONASS)
  • Signal Accuracy : 99%: 60ns (GPS), 100ns (GLONASS)
  • Time Pulse Frequency: 0.25 Hz ~ 10 MHz
  • Time To First Autonomous (All at -130dBm)
  • Fix (50% -130dBm)
  • Hot start 1sec(GPS),
  • Warmstart 28sec(GPS),)
  • Cold start 30sec(GPS),
  • Sensitivity Acquisition: -147(GPS),
  • (Autonomous) Tracking:-161(GPS),)
  • Update Rate : Default: 1Hz,Max. : 5HzMax. 10Hz
  • Max. Altitude : 50,000 m
  • Max. Velocity : <500m/sec
  • Protocol Support : NMEA 0183 v2.3 and V4.x
  • UART: 9600 bps N,8,1; GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, TXT
  • SBAS Support : SBAS Support
  • Dynamics : <15g
According to GPS IC spec
Power Supply : 3.3 ~ 5.0 V
Power Consumption : 37mA/average tracking (TTL)
Protocols : NMEA, u-blox Binary

Cheap microchip mini GPS chip tracker

Key Specifications/Special Features
Main functions
Track on command or by time interval via SMS/GPRS
Arm/disarm by SMS or phone call
Check the car's real physical address (such as city name, street name)
Track by mobile SMS to get the latitude, longitude, speed, direction & odometer and more
Check the location directly by the Google map's URL
Data logger to store 5000 waypoints
Online tracking by website
Odometer function
Over-speed alarm
Movement alarm which can be used as an alarm
Engine on alarm
Smart engine on/off status detection without wiring to ACC
Cut off engine to stop the car safely by SMS/GPRS
Routine optimization when vehicle turns a corner
A-GPS function to get GPS signal much faster
Wide working voltage range, from 6V-45VDC, suitable for motorcycle, car or some big truck with normal voltage.
Reliable design of framework with hardware watchdog
Extreme power save mode. Power consumption could be less than 4mA
Voltage detection on vehicle's battery

GPS Chip Antenna GSM USB Android

Key Specifications/Special Features
Model: TQC-GPS-010
Frequency range(MHz): 1575.42±3
Bandwidth(MHz): ±10
DC voltage: 3~5V
DC current: 5~15mA(maximum)
V.S.W.R: ≤2.0
Gain(dBi): 28
Noise figure: ≤1.5
Input Impedance(Ω: )50
Polarization: Vertical
Weight (g): 57
Size(mm): 46x36x14
Max-power(W): 50
Cable length: RG174 2M/3M/5M
Working temperature: -40~+85°c
Vibration sine sweep 1g (0-p): 10~50~10Hz each axis
Humidity: 95%-100%RH
Waterproof: 100% waterproof
Package method
Carton box

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