COF Kite

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  • About COF Kite

    About COF Kite

    We started flying kites as mass production back in 1983, sell all designs of kites, delta kites, dragon kites, box kites, diamond kites, stunt ki…

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  • Single line kite

    Single line kite

    Let’s start with an explanation of the basics of kite flying and some ideas that might help you find some new and exciting ways to play with yo…

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  • Stunt Kite

    Stunt Kite

    Developments in multi-line kites in recent years has allowed forms of kite flying to develop into a sport Two Line Steerable Stunt Kites …

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  • COF Inspiration

    COF Inspiration

    COF kite operating since 2003 from Seoul, South Korea, We have a large variety of delta kites, diamond kites, dragon kites, box kites, para foil …

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